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Other Procedures performed at NSOMS:

~>   Surgery associated with a failed root canal: Apicectomy and root end filling

~>  Multiple extractions and full dental clearances

~>  Exposure or removal of other impacted teeth such as canines (eye teeth)

~>  Oral Biopsy

~>  All other oral surgical procedures


Achieve Long-Term Repair of Failed Root Canaled teeth

Unfortunately occasionally a root canaled tooth can become reinfected.  Provided the tooth is otherwise sound then apical surgery can help to maintain your tooth rather than having it removed

Removal of damaged teeth

In some instances unfortunately some teeth are too damaged and need to be removed. Our Surgeons can safely remove your damaged tooth and discuss the options for its long term replacement

Addressing Impacted Teeth

Rather than removing impacted teeth sometimes your Orthodontist may suggest to uncover the tooth so it can be manoeuvred into function.  Occasionally impacted teeth are in an unfavourable position or are unhealthy and need to be removed.  Are Surgeons are skilled in the advanced management of impacted teeth

Lumps and bumps

Occasionally lumps, bumps or patches can arise within your mouth.  Often these areas require further investigation often via a biopsy procedure.  For this a sample of the area or the whole area is removed and sent away to be assessed under a microscope

Is Permanent

Once removed, gum tissue does not regenerate. When patients undergo gum contouring, they can expect that their gums will maintain their new shape. However, patients must be committed to keeping their gums clean and healthy so that they do not lose further gum tissue to periodontal disease.

Is extremely safe

Gum contouring is one of the safest forms of surgery, oral or otherwise, a person can undergo. Although there is some degree of risk associated with any surgery, gum contouring has a very low risk of bleeding and infection.